Conferences is nice atmosphere, up to 25 persons.

At Hotel Wictoria we know exactly what is needed for a successful conference, 

First of all you need cinnamon buns, lots of cinnamon buns, baked the same day from the citys finest bakery! To get all the flavours out of the buns you also need a really good coffee, with lots of flavor. We use only ecological coffe from South America made from the finest beans.

Then you also need a good bright place. We belive that we have the best room that the city can offer - our beutiful and bright conservatory with the garden just out side the windows. This is where the conferences take place. 

After all of the coffe and cinnamon buns, there might just happen to be some time left to go through a Powerpoint slide or two!

Want to have lunch? Our cook can prepare a really good homemade lunch according to your requests.

Do you want more information or have questions about prices and such small details, please contact us by email or phone.

Welcome - to a more personal conference!